Quick Start Guide

Swipe around

Swipe the week and date in the blue area to the right and left to move between Days or up and down to jump a whole week.

Week and date area

The different input parts

You can use the following parts to create an event:

  • Date (YYMMDD, MMDD, DD, .W or .Wddd)
  • Start time (HHMM or HH)
  • End time (HHMM or HH)
  • Alarm (!, !HHMM or !d)
  • Title
  • Location

You separate the parts with a single space except for title and location where you use a comma (,).

Displaying events on a date

It’s easy to show all events for a certain date by just entering a date.
To see a whole week you can enter a period (.) followed by the week number. You can also specify a certain weekday by entering the abbreviated day name after the week number like .36fri.


Going to the hairdresser in august? No problems, Just type:
0805 1430 Get a haircut, Sissers Sisters
Here we specify the month and day as the date, a start time, a title and the location. The event will be a hour long if you omit the end time.

Your boss wants you to attend his meeting between 13 and 15.30 on wednesday, just type:
wed 13 1530 Boring meeting
Here we specify the upcomming wednesday as the date, the hours part of the start time, an end time and a title.

Having a date the 16:th that you don’t want to forget? Just type:
16 1900 !0200 Date with Him, Cafe Hearts
Here we specify the upcomming 16:th as the date, a start time, an alarm two hours before the event, a title and the location.

Taking the kids to an amusement park saturday week 31?
.31sat Take the kids to Liseberg
Here we specify saturday week 31 as the date and a title. When omitting the start time an all day event will be created.

Searching for events

If you want to search for an event that contains some text in the title, location or notes you just start with a ? and then type the text you’re looking for, i e ?dinner. This searches all your calendars for future events. Would you like to search the past just type ?? and then the text, i e ??boss, and you’ll get a list of all your past events with the boss.