Accessibility At Work

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Unemployment among people with disabilities is higher than for the general population, and on average only one in two people with visual impairments has a job to go to. When talking about accessibility at work it is natural to discuss larger computer screens, magnification programs, screen readers and braille displays, but what are the premises like to orientate yourself in?

Den som har nedsatt orienteringsförmåga behöver stöd men att behöva ledsagning från sitt kontor till toaletten, fikarummet eller för att hitta till kollegor hela tiden påverkar självkänslan. Då hade det varit bra med en apparat som kunde berätta var du är.

Regardless of whether you have a visual impairment or cognitive difficulties, KWENDA can give you the support you need when you want it using your mobile.

It’s easy to get started with KWENDA. Have a look at the premises and see where orientation points would be needed, set up beacons there and configure the venue and you’re good to go. It is easy to change and add information, images and sounds as you go. Complete with additional beacons if you experience ”white spots” in the premises and enter the GPS coordinates for the entrance so you can find your way in when you arrive by bus or have been out for lunch.

If you would like more information please send a mail to or call +46701759856.